Sue causes me to wonder the most. My passion for her is consuming. can't get enough of her body next to me, her caresses, her mouth, the touch of her pussy on my lips, her taste in my mouth. I dream of steamy summer nights, holding her against me, the perspiration covering our bodies, her legs wrapped around me while she presses her breast and pubic mound against me. Even as I write I feel my own wetness escaping and beginning to moisten the area between my legs and down to my asshole. I can't think straight.

I've given myself to her. My body is hers. She can do anything she desires and I will do any thing she requests. Nothing will be held back. She responds by devouring me, exploring me as though I represent her own soul. She will have me open myself to her as she takes each of my pussy lips in her fingers and examines them for what seems hours. She pulls the hood of my clit up to look and then with her tongue stokes the sides to see what touch causes the rest of my pussy to move as my body begins its response. She taste my cream, first with her tongue and then with her mouth she sucks it from me until I feel my brain draining from my vagina. At times she places my nipple in her mouth and just holds it there while her tongue draws circles on it and my areola. At other times she falls asleep on my chest gently sucking on me. An aura of ecstasy envelopes us.

I've found new eroticism with her. She will sometimes turn all the lights out
and place just one finger slightly in me, just far enough to feel my response,
and then asked me to think about her. My mind carries me to another world...

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