Around 9:00, we were sitting around in a circle in our PJ’s watching some romantic comedy. When it ended, Jenny jumped up and exclaimed, “Ooh! I know what we can watch!” With that, she disappeared into the bedroom and returned a few seconds later with a box of videos. “My ex-boyfriend forgot to take his porno movies with him when he moved out! I only have one vibrator, though, so we’ll have to take turns,” she said, pulling a long, slick vibrator out of the box along with some videos.

Various giggles of excitement erupted throughout the room, and I have to admit that my pussy was becoming pretty wet just thinking of sliding that long, slick, pleasure stick in and out of my slit, pressing it against my swollen clit until brought to a massive, mind-shattering orgasm. As Jenny popped the video into the VCR, she turned around and said, “Birthday girl gets first dibs!” as she handed the vibrator to Sara. As Sara slid her PJ bottoms down to her knees to allow better access to her love box, I blushed at the sight of her neatly shaven crack. It looked so tight for a woman who had already had two children.

I shut that thought out of my mind and turned to watch the movie, sliding my hand under my night shirt and panties and into my steaming hole, which gladly took in my quivering fingers. But I found I couldn’t concentrate on the movie with the sound of the vibrator sliding in and out of Sara’s tight cunt. I finally gave up on watching the movie and turned my attention to Sara, as I noticed the rest of the girls had, too. As I watched that humming bird sliding in and out of her hot box, my fingers dove deeper and deeper into my own box, bringing me closer to my orgasm. When Sara came, the sight of her love juices pouring out of her cunt and onto her legs sent me over the edge and I was sent into a series of massive multiple orgasms that seemed to last hours. I lost all sense of where I was and began kicking and screaming in pure ecstasy...

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