...As I walked up to the porch, I could see that the lights to the living room were on, albeit slightly dim, and was about to ring the bell when I heard a voice that was just a bit too quiet to understand. I stepped over to the far end of the porch, where the kitchen window was open, to see if I could tell if Karen was on the phone or if she had company.

What I saw through that window stunned me completely. It was obvious that Karen had company, a gorgeous brunette young lady, who was kneeling on the living room couch and completely nude!

I could hear their voices, but still could not understand what they were saying. Then I saw Karen. Her all-over tan was unmistakeable as she crossed the living room unencumbered by clothes. She returned a moment later and sat on the back corner of the couch nearest the girl's head, leaning back against the wall. As I watched, the brunette moved closer and placed both of Karen's legs over her shoulders, burying her face between Karen's thighs. After Karen began to tease her nipples, I realized that I had forgotten to breathe lately, and even the slowest intake of breath sounded like it would break this lovely spell.

I continued to watch, mindful of a growing bulge in the front of my pants
as the brunette continued to give head to Karen. I had almost the perfect
view. I could see the brunette's rear and pussy as she leaned into Karen's
thighs, and Karen, fully exposed to me except what the brunette's head and hair covered. There was only one thing wrong with the view -- I wasn't any closer! Deciding that I should be grateful for my luck this night, I didn't push it. Besides, I wanted to see what two women REALLY do.

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